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Oliver Bohnes
based in Wetzlar, Germany

Release Date:

Android & iOS
free-to-play, voluntary ads

Heroes and Merchants

Heroes and Merchants is a fantasy crafting MMOG in the style of the old browser games combined with modern interactive content. You have to control heroes to farm resources and artisans who craft powerful equipment.

In real-time duels you control a team of 3 heroes against other players and participate in competitions to craft the most valuable items. Start adventures in 3D dungeons and fight against monsters.

Players can unite in guilds, fighing epic raid bosses, accomplish guild tasks together and trade resources and powerful items with their guild mates.




survive the adventure
540+ items to craft
train your artisans
50+ missions and dungeons
5 regions to explore
explore the dungeon
sell items to get rich

There are far more screenshots available for Heroes and Merchants, but these are the ones we feld would be most useful for you. If you have requests, please contact me!


  • "[...] It's definately a long player and is a hobby project so still in development, but don't let that put you off. The developers are always in the chat rooms and willing to answer questions and discuss updates. All in all, a friendly atmosphere. [...]"
    - Google Play: Andy Hay, 13.04.2019
  • "Pretty Awesome Time Killer"
    - Google Play: Nicolas Brocklehurst, 31.01.2019

My Story

My name is Oliver Bohnes, I am 41 years old and working as a software developer for business applications in Germany. I love making games in my free time and I want to bring long-term fun to players with my fantasy and rpg games.


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