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Heroes and Merchants
Version 2.5.0
05 October 2022
The new version V2.5.0 is available now for all players:

- regular missions can also be executed (started) 5x and 10x in the future. Healing points are used for the repetitions. The heroes are then busy the entire time and do not have to send each mission individually, which above all saves clicks.

- guilds will be able to buy guild fests which start a 24h global event for ALL players providing different bonuses. Guild fests can be bought with guild gold and are a consequence to invest the excess guild gold sensibly.

- artisan tools are expanded and get higher limits and further slight bonus increases.

- server-controlled duel opponents get their skills back

We hope you enjoy the changes! Please give us feedback if you have any ideas or additions.

Your Heroes and Merchants Team