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Heroes and Merchants
Version 2.4.1
25 April 2022
Version 2.4.1 is a very special version for us, as it primarily implements requests and comments from the survey feedback.

In many countries where Heroes and Merchants is playable, there is now a shop ("Become a supporter..." in the settings) where you can activate a supporter status via IAPs. Unfortunately, for tax reasons, it is not possible to make this possible in all countries. Supporter status unlocks a few new features, but they don't affect gameplay or game balance. They enable the creation of a friends list with online status, the ability to play duels with friends (which do not change the heroes' LPs or give a reward), and partially or completely ad-free play.

In addition, many other features have been implemented:
- readable message during ongoing maintenance work
- show loading icon only on slow internet connection
- improved connection to chat server
- improved translations

Have fun with the new version!
Your Heroes and Merchants team