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Heroes and Merchants
Version 2.2.0
12 May 2021
Version 2.2.0 brings some innovations and changes into the game:
- new 6th area of Vezzra
- Revision of the mission duration of areas
- Revision of the value of items (epic items from the previous area increased in value)
- 6 new languages
- Improved translations
- new hero menu
- Tutorial revised
- Help texts revised
- The amount of keys that can be saved is limited, notification when the key limit is reached
- new bonuses on equipment increase mission speed on shoes, pants and rings by 1-4%; gold reward on gloves and amulets by 5-10%; hero experience increased on helmets, shoulders and chests by 1-4%
- new sets
- Duels extended by two ranks - unlimited points upwards
- Push notifications
- Added jewelry to the competition

compensation for yesterday's update trouble:
all active users: 20 jewels, 5 tavern token, 5 silver keys, 2 mercenary stones
all guilds: 100k guild gold

Have fun with the new version!
Your Heroes and Merchants Team