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Heroes and Merchants
Version 1.6.5
13 October 2019
Version 1.6.5 introduces some new features and changes:
- Barter can be optionally available per item for all guilds
- Guilds can define a description
- Artisan menu can now be opened at any time via the artisan icon
- New guilds receive 25k guild coins and 3 Buff points. At the levelup you get 10k guild coins and 1 buff point (up to level 10)
- Sorting of guilds changed: 1. by level, 2. by members
- Missions sorting improved: completed missions are the first
- Leaving guild clean the guild buffs and reconnect the chat
- Joining a guild reconnects the chat so the guild chat is instantly available
- Guild bank has been extended by + 5k buttons
- Stable master experience corrected

Have fun with the new version!
Your Heroes and Merchants team