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Heroes and Merchants

Experience a fantasy crafting mmog with hand-drawn graphics and lots of interaction with other players.


  • train your artisans and create valuable items
  • recruit heroes and equip them with powerful items
  • send your heroes into battle and let them collect valuable resources and other loot


  • join other players in guilds
  • summon epic raid-bosses and defeat them with your friends
  • use guild buffs to survive the hardest bosses and dungeons


  • have your heroes compete with other players in duels and receive rewards
  • increase duel skills of your heroes
  • craft the most valuable item for the competition

Experience adventures in 5 regions with ...

  • more than 50 missions and dungeons
  • more than 70 different monsters and raid bosses
  • more than 120 different crafting materials
  • more than 540 different pieces of equipment